Chris Savittiere

Chris is a 23 year veteran of the restaurant industry spending most of his life cooking, serving, bartending and managing, but grew up drawing and dreaming of a creative future. He first developed a passion for sewing in 1996 apprenticing for Jan Rousseaux, a leather and costume designer. Years later, after moving to Austin from New Orleans, he met Amanda and apprenticed with her as a tailor for Nordstrom where he worked for 3 years. Mostly self-taught, Chris uses his creativity and high energy approach to life to soak up as much knowledge as he can. Besides running the business, Chris is a skilled designer, pattern-maker, leather worker and sewing expert.


Amanda Savittiere

Amanda grew up crafting, making costumes and jewelry for herself and friends. She later graduated from George Mason University with a BA in English Lit., and moved to New Orleans where she gained a wealth of experience making costumes while working for Fleur De Paris as assistant Milliner. Later, in Austin she apprenticed and worked up to lead fitter and tailor for Nordstrom for 6 years before she and Chris went full time on their own. Amanda is a library of knowledge,skill, and the true Master Tailoress of the shop, capable of performing the most advanced and difficult sewing processes on gowns,suits, costumes, and one-of creations.

MAMSIA_Headshot_Laurel Kinney NEW

Laurel Kinney

Laurel Kinney is a well-known personal stylist in Austin who works with clients ranging from high profile CEO’s and public figures to busy working parents. Her efforts to elevate confidence and productivity through personal style have earned her much acclaim in Austin’s fast growing fashion scene. She has teamed up with the Sew It All Crew to bring her wealth of knowledge and trend awareness to industry apparel concepts. This partnership is aimed at giving your business an edge over the competition with the ability to both style, design, and produce unique and wearable looks for staff in any department.


Tessa Justman

The one true Austinite of the crew, Tessa started her sewing career in Colorado at a small clothing company called Elizabethan in 2005. She returned to Texas in 2009 working as a costume designer for independent movies and various other projects. She is passionate about sewing, creating, learning, and contributing to the unique and local vibe of the Austin community. Since joining the Sew It All team in 2013, Tessa has quickly risen to Head Stitcher of the custom sewing department . She is the engine in the machine and thrives on the more challenging projects and one-of custom jobs.


Melissa Gill

Melissa began sewing at the age of 9 when she made her first stuffed doll. As she got older, she raided her mother’s sewing scraps to make clothes for her Barbies.
At the age of 24 she studied fashion design as an Army wife and mother of 2 young children. Melissa has been sewing professionally since 2002 and is also a veteran of the U.S. Army. Her skills range from alterations to industrial curtains and draperies. She is an instrumental part of the Sew It All team and master of meticulousness, making sure every stitch is right on the money!


Marissa Marsh

Marissa moved to Austin a year ago, sewing machine in hand, ready for a change of scenery and the start of a new adventure.
Originally from Houston, TX, Marissa graduated from college with a degree in Costume design. She began her sewing career in Houston at the Alley Theater where for six years she was a lead seamstress in their costume shop.
Marissa loves to create and is the newest awesome addition to the Mr and Mrs Sew It All team!


Stefffi Bell

Also known as “The German”, Steffi keeps a full time job at Nordstrom and comes in every week to power through work and keep the shop from getting behind.
She graduated from Holzenbecher College for Fashion Design in Stuttgart Germany in 2002, married an American and moved to the United States in 2005. She has worked professionally as a tailor for 9 years and is very active in creating her own designs as well. She is unbelievably fast and knowledgeable in all facets of sewing and has the ability to create new techniques all while giggling her way through every project!