A professional Stylist translates current fashion into a wearable look for everyday people. They spend countless hours studying the latest trends and learning how and where to buy the right clothes for the right body types. They know brands, price points, fashion “do’s” and “don’ts”, and how to put a head-to-toe look together.
In our experience with most businesses, the uniform is usually the last element decided when opening a restaurant, hotel, or other service industry business. Managers and owners are not always expert fashionistas, and usually settle for a standard look comparable to other establishments of the same caliber.
Put simply, a stylist is hired when you want a superior look that sets you apart from your competition.
Our styling packages range from simply helping you to develop a concept, to being hands on in outfitting your entire staff.

Together with our custom products, we offer a variety of styling options:

Styling Services

Styling services can be added to any custom industry apparel order to enhance your staff’s overall appearance. Stylist Laurel Kinney will collaborate with Chris and your team to create a look for your staff that will provide head-to-toe direction for all of your staff wardrobe needs.

Services can include, but are not limited to the following:

Inspiration & Ideas: Laurel can pull inspiration for your staff’s overall look/dress code based on your business’ space, mission, and vibe. You’ll receive a pinboard you can reference when developing your dress code.

Outfit Sourcing: Laurel can source specific pieces for purchase that will enhance your custom aprons or other garments. You will have a list of items you can order directly or have staff shop for individually.

Personal Shopping (Staff): Great for restaurants/hotels with a color scheme/code, but not full uniforms. You provide staff’s measurements and Laurel will pre-shop for each staff member and meet them at the store. Staff will purchase pieces that fit, flatter, and make them feel good while also meeting your wardrobe code requirements.

Management Styling: Laurel can create a shopping list and/or meet with your management team to discuss how they can fit the vibe of your restaurant without wearing a uniform.
Staff Consulting: Laurel can speak to your staff as a group or individually to explain your team’s dress code and how it can be implemented.

Styling services can be added in 5-hour increments based on your individual needs.
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Stages for Styling

Stage 1 – Consultation

First we will set up a meeting either in person or by phone to determine your styling needs and the best approach to achieving a look that will suit your establishment.  This initial conversation is free and will help us decide which styling services are recommended.



Stage 2 – Timeline

Once we have established a plan, we will start with a 5-hour block of time in which we will customize the necessary styling duties needed to execute the plan.  We will schedule when, where, and with whom these duties will take place.  In the case where more services might be needed, you may purchase additional time to complete the process

Stage 3 – Execute the Plan

Our stylist will perform the duties as planned to help create the desired look.